My passion for French cuisine

"Ma passion pour la cuisine française"
French B2 writing exercise

James presents some of the reasons why he loves French cooking.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "the reason why", "to make [someone] proud", "Yuck!", "to wonder", "to taste like", "the way [someone does something]", "to cook (meat)", "bloody (meat)", "to make a change from", "to refrain from [doing]", "to char".

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French cuisine is one of the reasons why I came to live in France two years ago. Indeed, I've always been fascinated by the gastronomic diversity which makes this beautiful country proud. I remember the first time that I heard someone mention that French people ate snails... At the time, my reaction hadn't been "Yuck!", but rather "I wonder what that tastes like..."! Another aspect that I particularly appreciate is the way French people cook their meat. What I mean is that they leave it red in the middle, and even a bit bloody most of the time. That makes a change [for me] from my mother who can't refrain from charring everything that resembles red meat!

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