The Nice Carnaval

"Le Carnaval de Nice"
French B2 writing exercise

Guillaume plans on going to the famous Nice Carnaval this year.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to attract", "to take place", "to attend [an event]", "a parade", "farcical", "it took until [date]", "confetti", "plaster (material)", "to ruin [something]", "a Carnaval goer", "more than anything else", "I can't wait to", "a float (Carnaval)".

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Next year, I'll go to the Nice Carnaval. I've read many articles about this event which attracts more than one million spectators every year! It takes place around Mardi Gras and lasts for two full weeks during which you can attend, among others, the "Big Heads" parade, those farcical characters made of papier mâché. Did you know that it took until 1892 to see the first paper confetti in Nice? Before that, they used plaster confetti which obviously ruined the Carnaval goers' beautiful clothes. And more than anything else, I can't wait to admire the famous "Flower Battle", a parade of floats from which four to five thousand fresh flowers are thrown to the crowd! I'd love for you to come with me!

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