Gastronomical review

"Critique gastronomique"
French C1 writing exercise

Discover a mouthwatering review of a French restaurant.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "a review", "passing through a city", "a perfume factory", "touristy", "to favour [US:favor]", "rave reviews", "to pique one's curiosity", "to be delighted by", "welcoming atmosphere", "to emanate from (mood)", "due to", "to make up (compose)", "Mediterranean dishes", "homemade aïoli", "a tapenade stuffing", "affordable", "heartily".

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Gastronomical review While passing through Grasse to visit the Fragonard perfume factory, we wanted to avoid touristy terraces by favouring [US: favoring] instead the little restaurant Lou Pignatoun, whose rave reviews on TripAdvisor had piqued our curiosity. And after trying it ourselves, we can say to all those who might still be hesitating... Go there with your eyes closed! As soon as we passed the door, we were delighted by the welcoming atmosphere which emanated from the place and which was largely due to its friendly staff. The limited menu, whose size is justified by the fresh and local products which make it up, which make it up, is full of traditional Mediterranean dishes, like homemade aïoli or chicken breast with a tapenade stuffing, among which we unfortunately had to make a choice. The cuisine there was delicious and affordable and we heartily recommend it [to you]!

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