Cathy's future holiday in Montpellier
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We learn about Cathy's plan to spend her holiday in Montpellier

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This summer, Cathy will go and spend her holiday [US: vacation] in Montpellier. She has long dreamed of it, but she couldn't afford it before: Transatlantic flights are not cheap! She saved up all year long to be able to finally go [there]! She booked her tickets to go for at least two weeks, which will allow her to visit the region too. She'll take the plane in New York, then will have a stopover in Paris before getting another flight to Montpellier. Once there, she'll meet some French friends whom she knows from university, and who promised her to show her life "French style"! They'll have drinks on the Place de la Comédie while watching passersby... What a dream!

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