A day in the countryside

"Une journée à la campagne"
French B2 writing exercise

Marie spent last weekend in the countryside with her daughters.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "a holiday [US: vacation] cottage", "the three of us", "to be busy [doing]", "a burrow (bugs)", "to come up to [something]", "a field", "a fence", "a blade of grass", "to hold [something] to [someone]", "to pet [an animal]", "to ask for more".

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MARIE: Last weekend, my daughters and I went to the countryside. I'd booked a holiday [US: vacation] cottage there for the three of us. On Saturday, we took a long walk in the woods. On the path, the girls stopped to observe some small bugs which seemed to be busy carrying food to their burrows. They stayed to watch them for about ten minutes! Later, we passed in front of a field where there was a pair of horses. The girls were very excited! We came up to the fence, and they called them gently while holding blades of grass out to them so that they'd come closer to them. The horses approached (us) timidly and we were able to pet them! And they asked for more! What a beautiful day we had!

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