Camping in the woods

"Camper dans les bois"
French C1 writing exercise

Nathalie enjoys camping in the middle of the woods.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "birdsong", "to camp", "a musical greeting", "to delight [someone]", "on one's own", "apprehension", "to tighten one's belly", "to turn into", "such as she...", "a warm up (exercise)", "a daily jog", "invigorating", "to lash one's face (wind)", "a soft pinkish hue", "the rhythm", "in unison with", "a brook", "the bank (river)", "to escape from", "to catch one's breath", "to turn around".

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That morning, she had been woken up by birdsong. Although she'd already been camping in this forest for a week, this musical greeting still delighted her every morning. It was the first time she went camping on her own, and the apprehension that had tightened her belly before leaving had little by little turned into a sensation of freedom such as she'd never felt before. After a short warm up, she'd started her daily jog. The invigorating wind lashed her face, which gave her cheeks a soft pinkish hue, and the rhythm of her running seemed (to be) in unison with the rustle of the brook whose bank she was following. She had run as fast as she could until her heart had seemed to want to escape from her chest. After stopping for a few minutes to catch her breath, she'd turned around to get back to the camp, exhausted but radiant.

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