My European trip

"Mon voyage en Europe"
French B1 writing exercise

Jonathan is planning a mini tour of Europe for next year's holiday [US: vacation].

Vocabulaire - Les pays

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to travel around [somewhere]", "to afford [something]", "to select", "to start by [doing]", "Brittany (region)", "Provence (region)".

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Next year, I'll travel around Europe. I won't go to every country - it would take too long and I couldn't afford it - but I selected seven countries that I've always been curious to discover. I'll start by going to France, where I'll visit Brittany and Provence, which will give me an idea about the differences between the North and the South! I'll then go down to Spain and Portugal. Two weeks later, I'll take the plane to Poland, and I'll cross Austria by train to go spend a week in Italy. And finally, I'll end my journey in Berlin, [in] Germany!

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