c'est vs il est

c'est vs il est

In a writing challenge we had someone describing the new TV they bought: "besides, it's high definition" -> "en plus, elle est haute définition". I'm have from mastered the rules for c'est vs il est, but the one thing I have learned is that when you have a modified noun it's supposed to be "c'est". Yet here we have "haute définition" preceeded by elle est. My best guess is that "haute définition" is to be seen as an expression and should therefore count as an adjective rather than a modified noun ?
Asked 7 years ago
Is it not the case that the previous part of the sentence expressly referred to "la télévision" ? If so, then the description to follow "haute définition" which, I agree is an adjective describing the television; should make the reference to it as "elle". I think that "elle" would be more appropriate to use than "c'est" in this context. Alan

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Let me take a look at that...