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30 October 2018

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But if you do use possessive adjectives when another person is involved, why can't I say "François reste dehors, ses chaussures couvertes de boue." François is another person. Am I misunderstanding and what you meant by "other person"?

How does it work then? Do you use"les pieds" to say "He washes his feet" but "ses pieds" if I'm washing his feet? Is that right? 

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4 November 2018



"When another person is involved" refers to the case when there are two people in the same sentence. So my understanding is that your sentence would normally use "les chaussures" since there is no-one else's shoes in that sentence to be confused with.

Even with your second point:

"Il se lave les pieds" and similarly

"Je lui lave les pieds" (I wash his/her feet).

I note that these reflexive verbs are not part of the discussion on the page you link to.

I'm not a native speaker so would be happy for an expert to correct anything I have got wrong here.

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