confusion on ‘j’achète de beaux draps?’

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22 October 2018

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confusion on ‘j’achète de beaux draps?’

Hi guys, just a bit confused on that example 

so the rule is that:adjective is placed BEFORE a plural noun, 

so in that example, obviously ‘beaux’ is placed before a plural noun, so why doesn’t it mean ‘I buy SOME nice sheets’ instead of I buy nice sheets?


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Kwiziq community member

22 October 2018

22/10/18 beaux draps can be translated as "some nice sheets" or "nice sheets". Two versions in English for the same French sentence.

There is not a one-to-one correspondence between every possible sentence in English to every possible sentence in French. Most of the time, there are several ways to express something in the other language. That's why it is so important to force yourself to think in French rather than cling to translating word for word.

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