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Conjugation of 'luire' in the passé simple


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23 August 2017

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Conjugation of 'luire' in the passé simple

I have checked the rule and your answer does not follow the rule. Therefore I checked conjugation tables for luire which support the notion that your answer is incorrect, and that the correct answer was not present. According to these conjugation tables Luire in the passé simple has these conjugations: je luisis tu luisis il luisit "Now the city would fall into the 3rd category 3rd person singular and so the correct answer is surely luisit - Ian

This relates to:
Conjugate conduire and other -uire verbs in Le Passé Simple -


Kwiziq community member

23 August 2017


Bonjour Ian,
I reread the lesson and it certainly points out the following:
EXCEPTION with "luire":
The verb luire (to glow/to glisten) and its derivatives (reluire...) accept 2 conjugations:
- the regular one: je luisis, tu luisis, il luisit, nous luisîmes, vous luisîtes, ils luisirent
- and the irregular one: je luis, tu luis, il luit, nous luîmes, vous luîtes, ils luirent
However, I am not finding the question which includes a city using luire. Perhaps you can copy the phrase and resubmit your question.
Bonne chance.

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