en Afrique

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en Afrique

Why not "en Afrique" rather than "pour l'Afrique"?

Asked 2 years ago
MaartenC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor Correct answer

When describing travel by catching/taking a mode of transport to somewhere - 

usually in English:  (take/catch) the bus/plane/train etc to destination - 

in French: (prendre) le bus/l'avion/le train POUR (article if required) destination is used.

ChrisC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

Both -- pour l'Afrique and en Afrique -- are correct when talking only about the destination. The flavor when using pour l'Afrique is more "goal oriented" then simply using en Afrique.

Je pars en Afrique. -- I'm leaving for Africa.
Je pars pour l'Afrique. -- I'm leaving for Africa.

However, if there's a mode of transport involved like, e.g., a train, you use pour:

Je prends le train pour l'Afrique. -- I'm taking the train to Africa.

MarcC1Kwiziq community member

when conjugating 'If I had to choose' why is it suggested to use the imperfect and not passe compose? the association learning link suggests that I should use the passé composé  = had to [do] / must have [done]

BrianC1Kwiziq Q&A regular contributor

Hi Marc, it’s due to the “if IMPARFAIT, then CONDITIONAL” structure that is used in French.  https://progress.lawlessfrench.com/competencies/view/5048?src=report

en Afrique

Why not "en Afrique" rather than "pour l'Afrique"?

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