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I have a lot of problems posting my full quesions -

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7 March 2018

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I have a lot of problems posting my full quesions -

"Ma mère me berçait dans ses bras jusqu'à ce que je m'endorme."- is je m'endorme subjonctive and why ses bras and not les bras since we know that the "bras belongs" to the mum

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Kwiziq community member

7 March 2018


Hi Dragana,

yes, there is a problem with being able to post full questions. A lot of people suffer from it. I did bring it to the attention of the kwiziq team. If you want, why not send them a mail (under Tools > Help & Support).

Yes, "je m'endorme" is subjunctive; "je m'endors" would be indicative.

About your second question: you could also say "les bras" but in this case "ses bras" just stresses the fact that they belong to the mother since there is more than one person involved.

-- Chris (not a native speaker).

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