I Just took a kwiz and need some assistance


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8 October 2017

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I Just took a kwiz and need some assistance

The question said translate: "This computer works the best. " I translated it as le meilleur but it was marked wrong. The correction said the right answer was le mieux. I'm confused.

This question relates to:
French lesson "Meilleur, mieux, pire / plus mauvais, plus mal = better, best, worse and worst (irregular comparatives and superlatives)"


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9 October 2017


Bonsoir Habiba, The disconnect here for you seems to be that it appears to be a comparison of the quality of the computers. In fact, the comparison is more in line with the functionality, i.e. works the best, so the comparison requires an adverb instead of an adjective, i.e. le mieux vs. le meilleur. From the lesson: «These forms come from: bien (well) -> mieux (better) -> le mieux (the best)» For adjectives, from the lesson: «These forms come from: bon/bonne (good) -> meilleur/e (better) -> le/la meilleur/e (the best) (plural) bons / bonnes -> meilleurs / meilleures -> les meilleurs / les meilleures» J'espère que ma réponse vous aiderait. Bonne chance et bonne continuation dans vos études en français, la langue de Molière et qui a été utilisé par le monde français depuis l’époque d’Hugues Capet

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