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Please explain why this is not correct.

WilliamC1Kwiziq community member

Please explain why this is not correct.

un gros comme un camion éléphant
Asked 4 years ago
RonC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor
Bonjour William, The word gros is the adjective, not a noun and either the elephant is being compared to a truck or the truck compared to the elephant, the exact context of comparison is unknown. Both nouns, the elephant and the truck are masculine. So the proper phrase would be: - un éléphant gros comme un camion or - un camion gros comme un éléphant The lesson part is #4: 4. Adjectives followed by a complement (à, de, pour, comme...) un exercice facile à faire an easy-to-do exercise une fille jolie comme un cœur a pretty girl (lit. a girl pretty like a heart) une barrière haute de deux mètres a 2-metre-high fence une casserole bonne pour la poubelle a saucepan fit for the bin J'espère que ceci au-dessus vous aide.
JolantaA2Kwiziq community member

Hi Ron, I see your explication but at the same time 'un gros' can be a noun - a big or fat person. So 'un  gros comme un camion éléphant' is not so bad. un camion éléphant sounds like kids talk but still.

Please explain why this is not correct.

un gros comme un camion éléphant

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