Translation of "a kiss".

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15 February 2019

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Translation of "a kiss".

I was surprised that you used the word un baiser for a kiss -- it has been my understanding that it is a rude word and has been "replaced" by un bisou. Have I been misguided, or is there a context in which it's okay to use the word? Thanks for whatever light you can shed on my benighted mind...

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16 February 2019


It sure is a strange one to us anglophones, but It has been strongly stressed to me that ‘un baiser’ as a noun is a perfectly acceptable kiss, but ‘baiser’ as a verb means somewhat more than that and is in fact very vulgar - ‘je veux te baiser’ translates as ‘I want to f..k you’ so extreme caution is needed when using this word !!!   But letters to friends in France can still be signed off with ‘Bons baisers’ with no impropriety or risk of offence. (Still, to be on the safe side, no harm in sticking to ‘bisous’) 

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