Use of 'auquel' / à qui instead of 'que'


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13 May 2018

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Use of 'auquel' / à qui instead of 'que'

In the lesson ‘Que = Whom, which, that (relative pronouns)’ an example sentence is given as:

‘La femme que je dessine’

An example sentence from this lesson is: ‘Le chat, auquel tu as fait peur’ OR ‘Le chat, à qui tu as fait peur’ 

I’m struggling to understand why is ‘Le chat, que tu as fait peur’ is not used?


This relates to:
À + qui, auquel, à laquelle = to whom, what, which (relative pronouns) -


Kwiziq community member

13 May 2018


He Stewart,

It is "J'ai peur à quelque chose." Hence you need an indirect object like "à qui" or "à laquelle/auquel". "Que" is the direct object pronoun.

-- Chris (not a native speaker).

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