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Friday B1 Writing Challenge - My dream house

List of lessons related to the Writing Challenge Level B1 entitled "My dream house"

Level AchievementScore Lesson Feedback  
A1 : Beginner   Adjectives ending in -eux become -euse in the feminine in French
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Plus ... que/Moins ... que/Aussi ... que = More ... than/Less ... than/As ... as (Comparisons with Adjectives in French)
A1 : Beginner   Dans/sur/sous/devant/derrière/entre = in/on top of/under/in front of/behind/between (French Prepositions of Location)
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Conjugate regular verbs in the imperfect tense in French (L'Imparfait)
A1 : Beginner   Ne ... pas = Not - with simple tenses (French Negations)
A1 : Beginner   Me/te/nous/vous = Me/you/us/you (French Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns)
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Position of French Object Pronouns - with infinitives
B1 : Intermediate   Que = Whom/which/that (French Relative Pronouns)
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Tout/tous/toute/toutes = Everything/all (of them)/whole/completely in French
A0 : Entry Level   Plurals of the and a = les and des (articles) in French
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Visiter vs Rendre visite à whether you visit a place or a person
B1 : Intermediate   Propre = own/clean (French Adjectives that change meaning according to position)
B1 : Intermediate   Qui = Who/which/that (French Relative Pronouns)
A0 : Entry Level   Il y a = There is/There are in French
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Common mistakes with mon/ma/mes, ton/ta/tes and son/sa/ses (French Possessive Adjectives)
B1 : Intermediate   Conjugate most French verbs in the conditional present (Le Conditionnel Présent)
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Ne ... pas assez (de) = Not enough (of) (French Negations)
B1 : Intermediate   Conjugate être in the conditional present in French (Le Conditionnel Présent)
B1 : Intermediate   Conjugate faire in the conditional present in French (Le Conditionnel Présent)
B1 : Intermediate   Conjugate pouvoir in the conditional present in French = could (Le Conditionnel Présent)
B2 : Upper Intermediate   Dans lequel/laquelle : alternative to où with places (French Relative Pronouns)
B2 : Upper Intermediate   Faire + [infinitive] = to have something done in French (Causative)
B1 : Intermediate   Using "si" + L'Imparfait in hypothetical sentences with Le Conditionnel Présent
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