Nouns with different meanings depending on gender

Useful list of French nouns which change meaning whether they're feminine or masculine


Un tour A turn
Un tour A trick
Un tour A lap
Faire un tour To have a walk
Une tour A tower
Un livre A book
Une livre Sterling A pound (GB currency)
Une livre A pound
Le mode Mode
Le mode Mood (linguistic)
La mode Fashion
Un poste A post (employment position)
Le poste de police The police station
La poste The post office
Un page A pageboy
Une page A page (book)
Un vase A vase (flowers)
La vase Silt, mud
Le manche Handle
La manche Sleeve
Une manche A round, a set (game)
La Manche The English Channel
Le voile Veil
La voile Sail
Le moule (cake) tin
Le moule Mould
La moule Mussel

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TomA2Kwiziq community member

What is the male version of page? It is not included here. I think it is pageboy or servant

Asked 3 months ago
CécileKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hi Tom,

At a wedding, un page will be a pageboy.

In medieval times, un page was a young noble boy attached to the services of the King or Queen.

Hope this helps!

AurélieKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Bonjour Tom !

Indeed, "le page" had been skipped, but thanks to your eagle eyes, it's now been remedied :)

Merci et bonne journée !

TomA2Kwiziq community member


Yes I'm aware of the male version of page is. I wanted to point out that it is not included in the list on the page "".  It caught my attention because all the other words on the page have a male and female version, except for "page". Should it be added?



CécileKwiziq team member

Hi Tom,

I see what you mean, it has been missed out. I will flag it up.

What is the male version of page? It is not included here. I think it is pageboy or servant

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