"Vernon Subutex" - an opinion (B2)
French writing exercise

"Vernon Subutex" - une opinion

Carole tells us why she loves the first volume of Virginie Despentes's trilogy.

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise:
"autobiographical", "a manifesto", "a quill", "raw (style)", "empathy", "to paint a portrait (figuratively)", "uncompromising", "in turn", "to unravel (life)", "a cast of characters (book)", "[someone's] faults", "analysis", "to make [something] [something]".

Learn more about Virginie Despentes here.

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The first book that I read by Despentes was "King Kong Theory", her autobiographical feminist manifesto which I adored. In "Vernon Subutex", I discovered a talented novelist, whose quill, both raw and full of empathy, paints the uncompromising portrait of a society which is in turn cruel, wonderful, pathetic, and simply...human. As her antihero's life unravels, we meet a diverse cast of characters whose faults and weaknesses feel almost too familiar. Although her novel takes place in 21st century Paris, there's a universality to Despentes's social analysis. All this makes "Vernon Subutex" an unforgettable literary experience.