Actress Anne Dorval

"L'actrice Anne Dorval"
French A1 writing exercise

Claire tells us about her favourite actress, French-Canadian Anne Dorval.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "an actress", "Quebecois", "extraordinary", "to play", "everything", "a heart", "reasons", "a parody", "a soap opera", "a dramatic role", "Quebec (province)", "to dub", "for example", "to sing".

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Anne Dorval is my favourite actress. She's Quebecois and she is really extraordinary! She can play everything. In "The heart has its reasons", a parody of American soap operas, she is so funny! But I also love her dramatic roles, like in Xavier Dolan's movies. In Quebec, she also dubs some American actresses like, for example, Sharon Stone and Lucy Liu. And she can sing! Extraordinary, I tell you!

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