A great passion for reading

"Une grande passion pour la lecture"
French B2 writing exercise

Florence talks about her grandmother's passion for books.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "an avid reader", "to recite", "a passage of a book", "at the time", "an e-reader (tablet)", "to weigh a ton", "to grumble (moan)", "narrow stairs", "an apartment building", "over the years", "to pass [something] on to [someone]", "to owe [something] to [someone]", "a career in publishing".

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My grandmother had always been an avid reader. She would read dozens of books every year and she could recite entire passages of her favourite novels. When she and my grandfather would go on holiday [US:vacation], she would always bring three or four big novels with her. Now, remember that at the time, there weren't any e-readers, which means that Grandma's suitcases always weighed a ton! I can still hear Grandad grumble as he went down the narrow stairs of their Parisian apartment building. And every Wednesday, she would take me to the local library so that I chose something to read with her. Over the years, she passed her passion onto me, and I owe my career in publishing to her!

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