The new menu at the Bistro du Soleil

"Le nouveau menu au Bistro du Soleil"
French A2 writing exercise

Julien was happy to discover the Bistro du Soleil's new menu.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "a menu", "to try (food)", "to offer", "to cost", "to include", "a starter/main/dessert", "a drink", "a salad", "a soup", "vegetable.s", "to choose", "at [price]", "on top of [something]", "to have (food)", "fantastic", "a crème brûlée", "Yummy!".

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Yesterday, I tried the Bistro du Soleil's new menu. It offered two different menu options. The first menu option costs € 14 and it includes a starter, a main and a cold drink. You can start with a tomato salad or a vegetable soup, and the mains are a ham sandwich or a cheese omelette. I chose the second menu at € 23, because, on top of the starter and the main, there were two delicious options for (the) dessert and a glass of wine or a hot drink. I had a fantastic crème brûlée with a glass of white wine. Yummy!