On the red carpet

"Sur le tapis rouge"
French A1 writing exercise

Laura admires the stars' outfits as they walk the red carpet.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "tonight", "a movie", "to admire", "a star (person)", "the red carpet", "an actress", "golden (colour)", "also", "a hairdo", "elegant", "a male colleague", "an outfit", "quite", "a tuxedo", "velvet", "dark + [colour]", "aubergine [US: eggplant]", "a female director (movie)", "to be made of", "brilliant idea".

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Tonight, I am at the premiere of a movie and I'm admiring the stars on the red carpet. The actress is wearing a long golden dress. I also love her hairdo. She is very elegant! Her male colleague's outfit is quite original. He is wearing a velvet tuxedo. It's dark purple like an aubergine [US: eggplant], and he also has purple shoes. But I prefer the female director's skirt: it's made of pictures from the movie! That's a brilliant idea!

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