Time - PwLF super list (level A1, A2)

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All the Progress with Lawless French lessons related to telling and talking about time one place. You can click "test your knowledge" for a focus kwiz, add this to your saved Notebooks (Premium only), or bookmark it in your browser.

Level AchievementScore Lesson Feedback  
A1 : Beginner   An vs année, matin vs matinée, jour vs journée, soir vs soirée to express a time unit or a duration in French
A1 : Beginner   Telling time in French - 24-hour clock rules = AM vs PM
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Il y a + [durée] = [duration] + ago (French Expressions of Time)
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Expressing intervals of dates and times in French = from ... to ...
A1 : Beginner   Expressing timeliness in French - late/early/on time - general
A2 : Lower Intermediate   After/before versus in front of/behind (French Prepositions of Time and Place)
A1 : Beginner   Telling time in French - general 12-hour clock rules
A2 : Lower Intermediate   En vs Dans with time (French Prepositions of Time)
A1 : Beginner   À + [heure] = At + [time] in French