Imperative - PwLF super list (levels A2, B1)

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Level AchievementScore Lesson Feedback  
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Conjugate regular verbs in L'Impératif (imperative)
B2 : Upper Intermediate   Conjugate être, avoir, savoir in L'Impératif (imperative)
B1 : Intermediate   Using object and adverbial pronouns in negative commands (L'Impératif)
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Me becomes moi in affirmative commands (L'Impératif)
B1 : Intermediate   Forming negative commands with reflexive verbs (L'Impératif)
B1 : Intermediate   Using "en" with affirmative commands (L'Impératif)
B2 : Upper Intermediate   Using double object pronouns in affirmative commands (L'Impératif)
B1 : Intermediate   Forming affirmative commands with reflexive verbs (L'Impératif)
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