Are you saying that that is the incorrect way to conjugate it?

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18 February 2018

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Are you saying that that is the incorrect way to conjugate it?

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19 February 2018


Hi Marie, the conjugation given in the lesson is correct. Was that your question?

-- Chris. 


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22 February 2018


I was confused by seeing "rendors" and "endort" in the examples, but not in the original conjugation. I would have explain my question better, but it didn't like the length of my question at first.

So endormir is to fall asleep, and rendormir is to fall back to sleep?


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23 February 2018


Yes, correct: "endormir" is to fall asleep and "rendormir" is to fall back to sleep.

They all follow the same pattern of conjugation as their root verb: dormir:

je dors -- je m'endors.
tu dors -- tu t'endors.
il dort -- il s'endort.

.... and so on. They share the same endings with "dormir".

-- Chris (not a native speaker).


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26 August 2018


Hi Marie,

Just a correction- 

'S'endormir' is to fall asleep and 'Se rendormir' is to fall back to sleep as they are both reflexive verbs.

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