Bonjour Aurélie

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8 November 2018

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Bonjour Aurélie

J'adore les bonbons ! - Oui, mais lesquels sont tes préférés ?

In this example can’t the answer be as-

‘Oui,mais lequel est ton préféré?’

How to judge whether the answer of lesquelles or lequel should be singular or plural ?

Pls confirm 

Thnx a lot

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8 November 2018


Bonjour Varsha !

Here the issue is that "bonbons" is usually used in the plural, especially in this context. 

You could also say "quel type de bonbons ?", but if you used the singular here, it would imply one specific piece of candy (or one sweet in the UK) and not a type of candy :)

I hope that's helpful!
Bonne journée ! 


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9 November 2018


Merci Aurélie

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