ça y est vs. c'est fait


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24 July 2016

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ça y est vs. c'est fait

Would you please tell me the difference between "ça y est" and "c'est fait" and when to use which? Both appear to mean "It's done." Thanks.

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25 July 2016


Bonjour Johnny ! Actually, French people would often say "Ça y est, c'est fait !" together like this! While "c'est fait" literally means "it's done" in a matter of fact way, "ça y est" is more of an expression of relief or satisfaction at the realisation or completion of an action. You will use "ça y est" when you finally got somewhere, or when someone finally manages to fix something.... The key word here is "finally". In a similar way to "Ça y est", you can also use the versatile "Voilà". I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !

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