Can you say j'ai du plan mercredi


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8 December 2016

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Can you say j'ai du plan mercredi

Like, I have plans on Wednesday (being this Wednesday). You don't need an article if Wednesday is at the start of the sentence, but if it's in the middle?

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8 December 2016


Bonjour Jason ! "To have plans" is actually quite a tricky expression to translate. However, you are correct on your usage of "mercredi" to say "on Wednesday": the position in the sentence is irrelevant here. To express "I have plans on Wednesday", meaning "I have things planned for that day.", in French you could say: "J'ai quelque chose de prévu mercredi." (I have something planned) or "J'ai des choses de prévu mercredi." (I have planS) I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !


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21 May 2019


Hello, I had a similar question. Can we use 'Je vais au cinéma mardi instead of 'Mardi, je vais au cinéma'?

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