Celui or le mien


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3 June 2017

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Celui or le mien

J'aime ton chien mais je préfère ________ que j'ai adopté. I love your dog but I prefer the one I adopted. celui (program correct response) le mien (my response) So given this question, I chose «le mien» since the questioned required a typed in response but the correct answer according to the program is «celui»; however, to me «le mien» is also a correct response. Can you please explain the reason it would not be correct? Merci en avance.


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3 June 2017


Bonjour Ron ! Actually "le mien" means "mine" in French, so here, it sounds wrong, just like "I love your dog but I prefer mine that I adopted" sounds off in English. You could however say "J'aime ton chien mais je préfère le mien." Here is a link to our related lesson: Le mien, le tien, le sien, etc = Mine, yours, his/hers/its (possessive pronouns) I hope that's helpful! À bientôt !

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