Contracted articles

KarolinaKwiziq community member

Contracted articles

La voiture ______(de/du) Mme deshmukh est Chére

Asked 2 years ago
MaartenC1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor Correct answer

It is not a contracted article you are looking for, it's a statement of possession. If you search the lessons, you will be able to find the details on other ways of expressing possession, rather than just an answer in isolation.

Expressing possession in French with "de"

CélineKwiziq team member

Bonjour Karolina,

Thank you for your very interesting question ! Is it a question from one of the exercises set by the Kwiziq teachers? If so, could you link it to your question please?

Also, please read our Community Guidelines.

Bonne journée !

Contracted articles

La voiture ______(de/du) Mme deshmukh est Chére

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