des maux de tête

des maux de tête

Maux is the plural of mal? When do we use maux instead of mal? I thought headache is mal à la tête. How come à/aux is not even in the sentence? Thanks.
Asked 8 years ago
AurélieKwiziq language super star
Bonjour Johnny ! Here it's a difference of usage of the noun "un mal" (an ache). In the expression "J'ai mal à la tête.", you're using "mal" without an article, similarly to the expression "avoir pitié de" (to have pity for). You're literally saying "I have ache to the head.". When you're using the expression "des maux de tête" (literally: head aches), you're using the plural of "mal", which is "maux". It's just another way to say "headache" in French. I hope that's helpful !

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