En accord ?

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8 November 2018

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En accord ?

Hi. I understand when to use ‘Être d’accord avec’. But when if ever would one say ‘en accord’


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12 November 2018


Hi Steve,

Technically speaking they mean slightly different things.

You will use 'être d'accord avec' for 'to agree with something/someone' and is an agreement of opinion , 'être en accord avec' for 'to comply with'/ 'to be in accordance/in line with' etc...which is another type of agreement.

Although it is often used wrongly by French people....


Nous sommes d'accord sur les problèmes que posent le Brexit = We agree on the problems caused by Brexit

Je suis d'accord avec elle = I agree with her

Cette solution doit être en accord avec les normes actuelles This solution must be in accordance with present standards

Tout choix d'ameublement doit être en accord avec la taille des pièces où il finira Any choice of furniture must be in line with the size of the rooms where it will end up

Hope this helps!



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12 November 2018


Thanks been using it wrongly all these years!! 

Steve G

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