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Est-ce que le verbe « prévoir » exige le subjonctif

William L.C1Kwiziq community member

Est-ce que le verbe « prévoir » exige le subjonctif

Asked 2 weeks ago
CélineKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Bonjour William,

This is a very interesting question!

- if you're predicting for something to happen -> Prévoir que + Futur Simple (Indicatif)

Je prévois qu'il fera beau = I predict it will be sunny

-> it's a prediction of something you're sure about

- If you are planning for/expecting something to happen -> Prévoir que + Mode Subjonctif

Je prévois qu'il fasse une bêtise = I expect him to do something silly 

-> you're anticipating what might happen ; leaving a doubt.

So, depending on the meaning of "prévoir", you might use Le Futur Simple (L'Indicatif) or Le Mode Subjonctif.

I hope this is helpful.

Bonne journée !

Jim J.C1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

Bonjour William,

Whether it requires the subjunctive mood or not will depend on the context.

Please could you provide further information.

Bonne journée


Kuluni K.A0Kwiziq community member

oui je vous en prie 

Christian H.C1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

According to "Advanced French Grammar" by Monique L'Huillier the word "prévoir" (expect, foresee) is put under the category of judgment, same as words like "croire", "trouver", "estimer", ...

It therefore requires the indicative, at least according to this grammar.

Est-ce que le verbe « prévoir » exige le subjonctif

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