Example "Nous étions restés bons amis..."

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10 February 2019

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Example "Nous étions restés bons amis..."

Regarding this example:

Nous étions restés bons amis, jusqu'à ce qu'il la rencontre.We'd remained good friends, until he met her.

...should it not be 

Nous étions restés bons amis, jusqu'à ce qu'il l'a rencontrée.


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10 February 2019


I think "la rencontre" is correct, because jusqu'à ce que must be followed by the subjunctive. The present subjunctive is used rather than the past ("l'ait rencontrée") because they stopped being good friends as soon as he met her. (In general the past subjunctive is used when the action in the subordinate clause precedes the main clause.)

See: Jusqu'à ce que + Le Subjonctif = Until [someone] does [something]


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