Extra Words - Unnecessary?

Extra Words - Unnecessary?

A sentence like "Tu as reçu une lettre qui est de ta cousine." seems a little wordy. Is it correct (or incorrect) to just say "Tu as reçu une lettre de ta cousine." ? Merci beaucoup!
Asked 2 years ago
AurélieKwiziq language super star
Bonjour Victoria ! Yes, of course, your sentence "Tu as reçu une lettre de ta cousine." is absolutely correct, and less wordy I agree! Here we wanted to demonstrate the use of "qui", hence the "wordy" sentence ;) A bientôt !
Merci Aurélie! Sometimes I'm not certain when I should opt for using more or less wordy constructions. So this is extremely helpful to see the flexibility in correct usage. Merci à nouveau!

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