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8 April 2018

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Follow up question

For some reason I can't reply to a specific response, so I'll have to post this as a seperate comment. 

This is a follow up question to Laura's translation of "She ought to really stop seeing him", which she wrote as "Elle devrait vraiment arreter de le voir." I'm wondering if the phrase "Elle devrait vraiment s'arreter de le voir" is also acceptable. 

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8 April 2018


Hi Steven,

I think it is OK to use the reflexive version of arrêter here. But a native speaker out to comment to be sure.

-- Chris (not a native speaker).


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14 April 2018


Hi Steven

S'arrêter de faire [qch] = to stop oneself doing something / cease / quit something.

In English, it sounds okay to say "She really should stop herself from seeing him" but it's a bit of a weird way to express the idea, and in French it sounds weird too.

Cécile or Aurélie will be able to say for sure though.

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