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How do you write 8:39am in french

ogunrayewa d.A1Kwiziq community member

How do you write 8:39am in french

How do you write 8:39am in french 

Asked 3 years ago
CécileKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hi Ogunrayewa, 

I am wondering whether you mean the kind of times as used in the military which is slightly different?

If this is the case, please take a look at the following Wiki page in French which you might find interesting -


But 8h39 would be correct for the morning or 20h39 for the evening.

Babit L.A2Kwiziq community member

You can write this in two simple ways:

--> 8 h 39

--> Huit heures trente neuf du matin

Chris W.C1 Kwiziq Q&A super contributor

You wouldn't append du matin if you said huit heures trente neuf, because that's the military way of specifying time, which is already a 24 hour system.

Colloquially you'd say it's neuf heures moins vingt-et-un. Or, even more likely, you'd round to the nearest five minutes: neuf heures moins vingt. You may want to add du matin, if it isn't clear whether you're talking about morning or night. But if someone asked you for the time on the street, adding du matin sounds kind of funny.

How do you write 8:39am in french

How do you write 8:39am in french 

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