Hugo est le plus rapide/vite

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Hugo est le plus rapide/vite

Vite is marked wrong. Pourquoi?

Asked 2 years ago
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Bonjour Chris,

'Vite' is an adverb and refers to a verb, not a noun like 'rapide' as it is an adjective.

Hugo court vite = Hugo runs fast

You may hear sports commentators using 'vite' instead of 'rapide' - but 'rapide' should really be used. 

I hope this is helpful.

Bonne journée !

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Chris - you may be interested to read some of the references below on this:

Académie-française categorises “Vite” as both an adverb and an adjective, and used to describe some quick-moving animals, such as “un cheval vite” - suggesting adjectival restriction almost completely to this use.

“Qui se meut avec célérité, avec promptitude ; il ne se dit que des Animaux et de certaines choses dont le mouvement est rapide. Cheval vite, fort vite, vite comme le vent. Il a le pouls fort vite.”

Robert en ligne uses the example of “Le coureur le plus vite” under modern/sports use, and Larousse notes “journalistic” use as an adjective. 

Hugo est le plus rapide/vite

Vite is marked wrong. Pourquoi?

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