I please explain when to use ´des’ and ´les. I find this confusing .

JudyB2Kwiziq community member

I please explain when to use ´des’ and ´les. I find this confusing .

Asked 4 years ago
CécileKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hi Glen, 

It depends on what they are wearing -

Mario wears red dungarees 

The word 'dungarees' is singular in French:

un bleu de travail rouge


une salopette rouge

Luigi wears green clothes

which in French is :

des habits verts


des vêtements verts

the plural 'des' is necessary here.

Hope this helps!

CécileKwiziq team member

Hi Judy,

This question is a little broad so can you give some specific usage that you find confusing?

GlenA2Kwiziq community member


Pourquoi-avez vous utiliser 'porte une' pour Mario mais 'porte des' pour Luigi? J'ai pensé que c'est toujours porter de?


EmmaB1Kwiziq community member

Nous avons des moustaches énormes.

Whereas in previous exercise, "Elle a les cheveux longs et blonds"

So why "des moustaches" and "les cheveux"

CécileKwiziq team member

Hi Emma, 

I could just say, as is often the case -

"C'est l'exception qui confirm la règle! "

but I think in the case of moustaches , it is something you can shave off so you will use 'des', in the case of hair,  it is what you are born with.

You also say 

Elle a les yeux bleus She has blue eyes 

But you would also say -

Elle a de très beaux yeux bleus She has beautiful blue eyes 

Elle a des beaux cheveux She has beautiful hair

Hope this helps? 

I please explain when to use ´des’ and ´les. I find this confusing .

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