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I think family is singular in English.

StephenB2Kwiziq community member

I think family is singular in English.

Asked 8 years ago
LauraKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Bonjour Stephen, We get a lot of questions about things like this. Some English speakers say "the family is" while others say "the family are." You can read our policy here:



RevathiA1Kwiziq community member
Yes, you are right it is Family in singular and families in plural
JimA2Kwiziq community member
As I understand it, it is a distinction between American and British English. American English treats most collective nouns as singular, with exceptions like "police" and "people," which use plural verbs. I have to say, my American ears strongly object to "the family are." If I were to say it, I am pretty sure Mrs. Holden, my sixth grade grammar teacher, would turn over in her grave.
RichardC1Kwiziq Q&A regular contributor

Agree totally!

RichardC1Kwiziq Q&A regular contributor

Whether some people say ‘ the family is’ and some say ‘the family are’ is irrelevant. It is incorrect to say ‘the family are’. The fact that some people are wrong does not make it right!

I think family is singular in English.

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