Il faut faire *son* lit


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4 January 2016

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Il faut faire *son* lit

In one of the questions the expression `Il faut faire son lit` was translated as "You must make your bed". Is `il faut`, like `on`, requiring the use of the 3rd person? Would it be grammatically wrong to say `Il faut faire ton lit`? What about `Il faut faire mon lit` if it's my bed that you must make? Thanks you in advance.

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4 January 2016


Bonjour Antonios, Both "il faut faire son lit" and "Il faut faire ton lit" are correct, but there is a slight difference. If I say "ton," that means I'm talking to you, Antonios, specifically. "Il faut faire son lit" is speaking generally - everyone must make his or her bed. In English, we can also use "you" here, meaning not specifically you, Antonios, but you/everyone in general. Yes, you can also say "Il faut faire mon lit, il faut faire notre lit," etc.

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