Il faut faire son lit

Il faut faire son lit

Why is it not il faut faire ton or votre lit, rather than son
Asked 1 year ago
LauraKwiziq language super starCorrect answer

Bonjour Jennifer,

Il faut is an impersonal expression, so when talking about making one's bed in general, you need son.
If you were telling a specific person to make their bed, you'd use ton or votre.

Il faut faire son lit. = You (as in everyone/peoplemust make his (one's) bed.

Il faut faire ton lit. = You (specifically) must make your bed.

Bonsoir Jennifer, I think that we have a possessive pronoun issue here. ton --> your votre --> your (formal or plural) SON --> his This lessons concerns the shortcut to avoid the use of the subjunctive. Using le subjonctif one would say: Il faut QU'il (elle) fasse son lit. --> It is necessary that he makes his bed. I hope this helps.
Thank you both. The question came in the quiz and the translation I think was you must make your bed , which sounds as if it is directed at a specific person, hence my question. I think the problem is English uses ‘one’ in theory, but in ptactice much more rarely than in French and you then can be ambiguous, is it an impersonal usage or not.

Laura, would you also say this in the subjunctive?: "Il faut que tu fasses ton lit"

Il faut faire ton lit. = You (specifically) must make your bed.

Is there any difference in the way these are used?

LauraKwiziq language super star
Yes, you can use the subjunctive, that makes it a stronger, more specific command.
Wow! Thank you!
My thanks too.  Some light dawning
My thanks too.  Some light dawning

Il faut faire son lit

Why is it not il faut faire ton or votre lit, rather than son

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