Indicating the time of day


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12 September 2018

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Indicating the time of day

Bonjour Aurelie !

Why is it that when you write time indicating the time of day (i.e. du soir or du matin) that you use "et demie" or "moins le quart" but when writing in 24 hour time you write just the number past so like "trente" or "quarante-cinq" ?

This may not be right but when i was doing the quizzes I often got it wrong because of this and am a little confused to be honest !


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14 September 2018


With 24h time, i.e., 16:30, you use the proper number instead of demi, etc. When you use 12h time, i.e. 4:30 de l'après-midi, the use demi, etc. is favored.

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