Is ice cream plural in French?

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12 November 2018

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Is ice cream plural in French?

In the weekend A1 writing excersize it gave, "Leurs glaces sont excellentes !" as the answer for, "Their ice cream is excellent." I got it wrong, of course, because I used it as a singular like I would in English. But earlier in the dialog, they also used it singularly, so I'm not sure why or when it should be plural?


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17 November 2018


Hi Melisa,

It will depend on the context.

You would say of a shop ice cream , "Leurs glaces sont excellentes" you cannot use the singular here.

You will say for instance:

J'ai acheté une glace à la pistache chez Ben & Jerry's car leurs glaces sont excellentes I bought a pistachio ice cream at Ben & Jerry's because their ice cream is excellent 

If you talk about ice cream in general it will be mostly in the plural.

N.B. Let's not forget that 'glace' can also describe 'frozen water' as in- 

une sculpture de glace = an ice sculpture


patiner sur la glace = to ice-skate 

in this case 'glace' will be singular.

Hope this helps!


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17 November 2018


It sounds odd to me to as a plural but I'll try to remember it. Thank you for the examples. I think I understand.

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