mettrais or se mettrais

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2 September 2018

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mettrais or se mettrais

I just did an exercise "my ideal day."  I was asked to put into French "I would put on my favorite dress."  I wrote "Je me mettrais ma robe preferee."  (missing accents)  The correction was "Je mettrais ma robe preferee."  Shouldn't "put on" be a reflexive verb?  I put it on myself.


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3 September 2018


Hi Carl,

In French 'to put on clothes' is just ,'mettre un vêtement' which is not reflexive so the correct sentence would be -

" Je mettrais ma robe préférée".

You will find lots of examples where verbs might be reflexive in one language but not in the other.

Hope this helps!

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