More emphasis on 'to fit'


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30 September 2017

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More emphasis on 'to fit'

I think the lesson does not currently explain clearly enough the use of 'Aller à' to mean 'to fit.' It is only mentioned once in passing in the initial explanation, and there is no associated example phrase at that point. In fact, there is only one phrase using it in this sense in the entire lesson, mixed in with nine other phrases in the examples and resources. I didn't get the second correct answer in question two of the Kwik Kwiz, mainly because of the lack focus on this meaning in the lesson. I think a minor tweak would make the lesson more balanced in explaining the different meanings of 'Aller à' Thanks, Michael P.s. I love the whole approach of Progress with Lawless French, and find it really addictive, which must surely be a good thing when learning a language.

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French lesson "Aller à = to suit someone (expressions with aller)"


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4 October 2017


Bonjour Michael, I had to revert to my stand-by resource, la Collins-Robert Dictionnaire, to find this particular locution in more detail and here is what it says: (= convenir) aller à qn [couleur, style] to suit sb [forme, pointure] to fit sb [dispositions, date] to suit sb cela me va [couleur, vêtement] it suits me (pointure, taille) it fits me [projet, dispositions] it suits me, that's OK by me ⇒ Cette robe te va bien. That dress suits you. aller avec qch [couleurs, style] to go with sth bien aller avec qch to go well with sth C'est tel, ce chapeau-ci me va bien ! --> This hat suits me, fits me just fine. Bonne chance,

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