not really a question but a request


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11 February 2017

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not really a question but a request

could you include an impersonal in your examples such as the gas leak one becaue the il n'y ait threw me , not having given it due consideration. many thanks

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French lesson "De peur que + ne explétif + Le Subjonctif = For fear that"


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13 March 2017


Bonjour Sue ! In this case, "il n'y ait" is simply "il y a" (=there is/are) + the "ne explétif", but I've now added a similar example to the lesson :) Bonne journée !


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5 November 2017


Bonjour Aurélie, I just came upon the same situation addressed above: J'ai fait une liste de peur qu'il n'y ait un problème. ---> I made a list for fear there would be a problem. However, the pronom «y» is not addressed in the lesson which I found a bit confusing as I was not anticipating «il y a» as being a part of the phrase syntax. Perhaps that is on me for not reading it more carefully. Merci en avance.

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