"pas un musée"

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"pas un musée"

why is there no elision between 'pas' and 'un'?
Asked 3 years ago
CécileKwiziq team memberCorrect answer

Hi Kathleen, 

I think you mean 'liaison' not elision between pas and un.

pas// un OR pas (z)un 

This is one of those 'optional liaisons' and Aurélie decided not to it in this instance, 

Optional liaisons =  some liaisons depend on social background, age, mood, and tradition. In this section ‘over liaising’ can sound precious.


Pas// aujourd’hui ! OR Pas (z) aujourd'hui ! (Not today!)

Je n’ai pas// appris le français à l’école  OR Je n’ai pas (z) appris le français à l’école ( I didn’t learn French at school)

Hope this helps!

"pas un musée"

why is there no elision between 'pas' and 'un'?

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